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A recent study conducted on behalf of the Oil and Gas Industry* revealed that over 40% of Americans do not believe in global warming. That’s a disheartening statistic, but it’s important to remember that climate change has already begun and it’s irrevocable. There’s comfort in knowing that as the Arctic ice melts and sea levels rise all of these people are going to die. Skepticism over global climate change won’t endow anyone with the ability to breathe underwater. And for those of us who survive; what will this new world look like? To answer that question we asked our researchers to take the latest scientific projections and provide us with a sneak preview of the America of tomorrow. The results held a few surprises. Who would have guessed that our failure to address the immigration debate will be resolved by our failure to address global climate change.

*Obson Logistics Group – Hot Flashes: A Part Of The Earth’s Natural Cycle – 2008

USA Map 2020 - Current Climate
USA Above Water - 2030 - Projected Climate

The omission of Alaska and the islands of Hawaii is not a cartographic error.
Both land masses will cease to exist around August, 2026.

McKeller, Nash & Brown – 2019

Alcoholic mother loses track of kids

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