Mind Control Machine was launched IN 2010, but it’s already attracting the kind of audience advertisers dream of.

ALMOST ALL OUR READERS ARE young, well-educated, white-collar professionals. On average they spend about 17% of their salaries on blu-rays, posters, star wars statues and other movie-related crap.

This group exhibits two highly desirable qualities; They have money to burn and they lack any ability to measure value.

We commissioned Mershberg-Fischer to conduct an in-depth profile of those visiting

At any one time: 32% of our readers are pretending to be working; 29% are using the site to avoid “an important relationship discussion”; 12% are entering the word “ass” in Google and will shortly be directed to our review section; 7% are browsing the site on their phone and using their other hand to steer; 5% are monitoring our readers on behalf of the Chinese government and the final 3% stumbled across the site accidentally, but will stay if they find the pictures compelling.

We believe our audience has the means and the ability to make purchasing decisions, but many are lazy and indecisive.

A little push is all they need.

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All of the information on this page has been fabricated for your amusement.
We hope this doesn’t unduly impact your decision to work with us.

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